Sandy specializes in providing training and technical assistance on building effective victim-centered responses within systems of care for survivors of human trafficking and other forms of violence. 



Sandy has provided presentations, keynote speeches and interactive trainings to tens of thousands of people with an average evaluation rating of 4.8 out of 5 points.  

  • Training customized according to your needs
  • Online or in-person
  • One-hour intro to a three-day train-the-trainer sessions



She has launched several direct service and policy initiatives and understands the challenges that await startups that embark on the path of nonprofit development or expanding an existing organization to include specialized services for survivors of trafficking and extreme human rights abuses.  Sandy works one-on-one with organizations, customizing a plan to help them maximize their outcomes and achieve success in their startup, growth or program improvement.



  • Lean startups
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Program conceptualization and protocol development
  • Human resources / talent recruitment
  • Program evaluation
  • Training and awareness-raising
  • Public speaking / trainer coaching 
  • Conference agenda, syllabus and course and materials development
  • Advocacy strategy
  • Coalition building and multi-disciplinary team engagement
  • Child Advocacy Centers
  • Child sex trafficking and exploitation
  • Responsible media and sex trafficking
  • Screening and case management techniques
  • Victim Identification to Effective Service Delivery
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Transformational Relationships
  • Role of victim advocates in improving case outcomes 
  • Court advocacy
  • Human trafficking (general)
  • Human rights and technology


Customizable training is available for law enforcement, prosecution, judges, medical professionals, mental health professionals, child welfare services, juvenile justice and other professionals in addition to schools, church groups, universities and special events.



"I'm very happy to recommend Sandy for her work in the area of sex trafficking. I'm proud to have brought Sandy on board as a consultant with NCJTC. Her dedication and passion for teaching and helping those who work in the trafficking investigation and prevention field is never ending. She is constantly looking for ways to bring people together to help survivors of trafficking and break down barriers in this field."



"While Sandy's expertise and professionalism are exemplary, what I find the most impressive about Sandy's work is that no matter what the situation, the youth she serves are at the center of her motivation, reasoning and direction. Her passion and dedication is unwavering, and this is why we consistently turn to Sandy for advisory committee and expert speaker needs."


"Sandy is an expert coach helping empower organizations and individuals with the tools and support to launch and improve anti-human trafficking initiatives across the United States. 

As a consultant to Traffick Free, a volunteer-driven organization opening a drop-in center for victims of human trafficking in Chicago, Sandy helped us wrap our minds around and finalize our strategic plan, budget, and operational protocols. She focused on creating pragmatic objectives and a realistic and detailed task timeline to ensure we open in a timely manner; all the while she maintained true to her victim-centered ideals of keeping the needs of our participant population at the forefront of every strategic decision."

Laura S. Ng, Executive Director, Traffick Free


"Sandy was an incredible partner and resource when I served as Coordinator of the Southern District of Florida's Human Trafficking Task Force. She worked closely with the U.S. Attorney's Office to assist our efforts to bring justice for victims of human trafficking"

Brent Tantillo, Walker & DiMarco





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